We're serving Bloomington Brewing Company ales from a new pint glass! Known in the industry as the "Willi Becher pint," our new glasses are named after Willy Steinmeier, who in 1954 invented the glass at Ruhrglas AG glassworks in Germany. "Becher" is German for "glass" or "cup."

The old, straight-sided "shaker pint" has been the go-to glassware for brewpubs across the land for decades because they are durable, stackable, and versatile. Unfortunately, the shaker pint does NOTHING to add to the enjoyment of a pint of beer.

We believe that glassware should showcase the craft of our brewers and the hard work that goes in to the delicious beer they create. The Willi Becher is a taller pint glass and its tapered top concentrates the head of the beer as well as the beautiful malt and hop aromatics. Our sense of smell accounts for 80% of taste, so better aroma equals far better flavor. We've been testing pint glasses for a year or so (someone's got to do it) and we LOVE our new Willi Becher pints. Come by the Brewpub and let us know what you think. We'll still have some of the old shaker pints around if you'd like to compare for yourself.