Lennie’s and the Bloomington Brewing Co. will host its 5th annual “Bike to Lennie’s” event throughout the month of May.  “Bike to Lennie’s” rewards restaurant staff and customers who participate in the promotion that encourages cycling and celebrates National Bike Month.

Swing by the brewpub to sign up and each time you get to the brewpub by bike, you’ll receive a stamp for the corresponding day. Prizes start with just 4 two-wheeled visits, and the prizes get bigger as the number of visits goes up.  Prizes include Bloomington Brewing Co. pint glasses, Lennie’s gift cards and BBC tee shirts.  All participants will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Lennie’s gift card.  A very special prize awaits the 2015 Lennie’s Bicycle Wizard, the intrepid soul who bikes to the brewpub more than anyone else in May.  For this special customer, we’llaward the Magic Pitcher. The Lennie’s Bicycle Wizard will control the Magic Pitcher for the entire year and be entitled to fill that Pitcher anytime, with ANY of the Bloomington Brewing Company beers.  There’s going to be one very happy and popular Bicycle Wizard come the end of May!

We’re also promoting “Bike to Lennie’s” internally. Staff members who ride to work will be rewarded for each trip and anyone who bicycles to work more than founder and CEO, Jeff Mease, will be awarded $50 cash.

Happy Pedaling!