We will host our annual “Bike to Lennie’s” event during the month of May.  “Bike to Lennie’s” celebrates Bloomington Bikes Month by encouraging – and rewarding – guests and staff who bike Lennie’s.

Customers participate by obtaining a “Bike to Lennie’s” Card at Lennie’s, and the card receives a punch each time the guest rides to the restaurant. Guests begin earning prizes with just 4 two-wheeled visits, and the prizes get bigger as the number of visits goes up.  Prizes include Bloomington Brewing Company pint glasses, Lennie’s gift cards and Bloomington Brewing Company’s tee shirts.  All recipients will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Lennie’s gift card.  The intrepid soul who bikes to Lennie’s more than anyone else in May will be crowned “Lennie’s Bicycle Wizard.”

To promote sustainable living, Lennie’s will also promote “Bike to Lennie’s” internally. Staff who ride to work at least 4 times during May will receive a special prize, and the prizes get bigger the more times a staff member finds two-wheeled transportation to work.  In addition, Co-Founder/CEO Jeff Mease has issued a staff challenge: Jeff will give $50 cash to any staff member who bikes to work a higher percentage of days in May than Jeff.